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Sep. 19th, 2009

Kiki-It's Me


Plothole Icons

So I've made some plothole icons. There are only five of them but there will probably be more. You'll find them at the end of the linked post.

Plothole Icons

Sep. 18th, 2009

June, otter


More like the plot-crater that killed the dinosaurs (God rest season 1)

Warning: Pictures below the cut! Fear for dial-up!

Okay, so this is sort of my first post, so I'll do some introductory stuff probably towards the end, but I wanted to point out one of the biggest plot holes I've seen in so far of watching power rangers... (by way of rules, I went looking for some, but couldn't find any, so sorry if they get broken. Also it might be note worthy that I haven't seen mystic force, and only snipets of jungle fury and operation overdrive).

Upon rediscovering Power Rangers about a year ago and finding the episodes online, I went to rewatch a season I rather though I liked: Wild Force. However, after watching the first episode, I found something rather disturbing about the way Cole gets to America....and what happens after he gets to America as well.

Cole is introduced while playing with a chimpanzee before he and the chimpanzee go off to eat a banana. Wait, stop, first hole alert. While I'm willing to give him the banana (though I'm not sure that the grow in the Amazon), there is no way he should have a chimp with him in the AMAZON when they are indigenous to AFRICA.

Okay, so that's sort of minor, but still. Anyway, Cole gets called back to his village where he's told he must go off to find his destiny and sent down a river in a paddle (er stick guided?) boat with a picture of his parents and the lion spirit. Um, I'm pretty sure that there's only one major river in South America, and being that they're in the Amazon, I'm going to guess that they put him on one of the branches of the AMAZON river, you know the longest river in the world that has all sorts of things that could eat you in it and spans the entire continent. Yeah that one. Not only would Cole have to travel several thousand miles (if not hundreds of thousands) at most, just to get off the continent, he then has to brave the Atlantic Ocean to get to the USA....and he's still in the gondola like boat that they gave him back at the village.

So not only does he have to go either through the Bermuda Triangle, or around the Bahamas, Cole would then have to navigate through the Mississippi River system to get to Colorado (which is where Turtle Cove is supposed to be located). Seams pretty strange since he just seems to get off the boat in a place that has California like weather. Even if he does go to California, that means that he would have to go through the Panama Canal or all the way around South America to arrive there (in a PADDLE BOAT!). The time lapse on the show makes in the show makes it seem like this takes him maybe a day, but that's due to what's going on with the other rangers at the time, so I'll give them that Cole could have taken longer, and just arrive the day after the rangers had their night escapade (or there abouts...I was sort of confused about that one).

The final knife in the body of this hole is that Cole arrives in America already speaking English. For one, I just don't think this is possible. Since the tribe he lived with lived somewhere "deep in the Amazon", to me it seems even doubtful that they would speak Spanish, much less English. More than likely they probably speak some sort of Native American language, though I do concede that maybe not having the chance to speak Spanish at all would be taking it a little far. All the same, if he were to speak a major language, it would be Spanish and not English. So why does he arrive seeming to speak it? (The truth is, he might not actually, as the only time we really hear him speak is after the rangers get a hold of him, even though he does try talking to the people on the street asking them if they've seen his parents).

I give this hole a hugeness rating of a 9.5 of 10.

As for me, I can tell you that Colorado doesn't have any rolling beaches of the west coast, as I live in the lovely cenntinial state. I'm a writer, and I absolutely love to analyze plot (and anything to do with it, like plote holes).I've been a power rangers fan sine MMPR and have followed most of the series. Idid take a break for a while, but I've managed to watch many of the seasons online and I'm following RPM strongly.

The Map Shop

Sep. 15th, 2009

Akume Icon


The land of Plotholes ... watch your step!

Sadly, we ran out of options for this poll, which means we couldn't offer multiple seasons as a choice. So think carefully before you choose!

Poll #1458097 The land of Plotholes ... watch your step!

Which season of Power Rangers do you think had the *MOST* plotholes of all?

Lost Galaxy
Lightspeed Rescue
Time Force
Wild Force
Ninja Storm
Dino Thunder
Mystic Force
Operation Overdrive
Jungle Fury
Akume Icon


The Plothole Project Begins

Welcome to The Plothole Project!

This is a fandom-run community dedicated to making *sense* of our beloved show. It's a place for writers, skeptics, and those of us who are just nerdy enough to wonder to get together and figure out just how many unexplained phenomena *happened* in Power Rangers. How did all that mucking about with time in MMPR not bring Alex running with laser pistol in hand? Science: where did it go when Billy left? Did Kendrix actually die,
and how did she come back? Negative ... protons? When the heck is RPM supposed to happen?!

Here you will (eventually) find listings of unexplained plotholes by season, plotholes that cover multiple seasons, and The Semi-Cannon Timeline of Doom, i.e. Akume's desperate and neurotic attempt to find the passage
of time in PR. As this is a fandom-based site, there's a section specifically dedicated to submitting plotholes, because obviously, we mods are not going to remember them all. (And some of us are biased to certain seasons. *Cough*Challonphantom*Cough*. We also have an area for getting debating theories to solve plotholes, but please check the rules before posting in that area.

Above all, please remember that this community was made for the fandom to come together. Therefore it is a HAPPY PLACE. Please respect the opinions of other members, as we ask that they respect yours. We can all
agree to disagree. Akume doesn't want to have to get out the swords again ... but she WILL.

That said, please browse around, see what we've got to offer, and help get this project under way! We're all a part of this fandom, so let's work together to make it work!